Are you looking for water proof door options for your washroom door? PakDoors has sum up all of door options that can be installed at your washroom, balcony or open area.

Plastic door for bathroom:

If you have low budget and then Polyvinyl chloride door-PVC would best option. Hold the door Polyvinyl chloride  full form pvc makes sense for chemists because they better know the chemical name of material. Pvc material is widely used for door all over the world for being a affordable door option in the list of waterproof and termite proof doors.

PVC door is Flexible and durable since it’s composition can be altered. You can experience pvc door being installed on most of the public toilet areas as well as residential venues.

If you are looking for pvc door in pakistan then you are at right place to pick it up for any exterior door or washroom of your home. Pakdoors has the expertise and atmosphere to craft pvc door of any size according to your needs.

Pvc door without frame/Chokath:

Most of the time in pakistan during construction activities normally SS door frame/steel door frame is been installed by civil architect. If it happened in your case then there is no problem pvc door can be installed on ss door frame/steel chokath. Just take measurement of inner side where door need to be installed and share it with us we can match your door frame with exact door size need to be installed

Pvc door with pvc door frame:

If you didn’t install any door frame yet then that is good because you pvc door frame with the measurement of width 4.5 inches in pvc material available for it. All you need just provide us wall to wall size in both dimensions width and width. We would craft frame and door that would be installed at your place.

Fiber doors for Interior and Exterior:

Now is the turn of fiber doors. This category have a large range with versatile design options. These doors also tend into different prices due to quality of fiber layers applied on the door.

What is fiber door?

Fiberglass doors crafted with fiber polymer and reinforces liquid resin. Different design fiber doors molded from a artificial Dai with pre-crafted  wooden grains on it, as because it is being molded from pre-feb patterns its exactly look a like wooden doors.

For interior and exterior entrances fiberglass doors are one of the most liked doors in Pakistan. It’s been used best alternative of wooden doors under low cost with minimum maintenance charges.

These doors has minimum risk of shrink or being effected from water and termite.

Fiber doors consists of three main objects: The wooden Frame, The filling core and upper fiber skin with coated edges.

Let us discuss the main components of fiberglass doors in brief. In Pakistan Most of door manufacturer use 2 inches to three inches door frame. The core is filled with wooden particles or PU fillers. Outer skin is being molded by prefab design pattern as a single sheet and pressed with fiberglass material on core of the door.

Fiberglass doors benefits:

Growing popularity of fiberglass doors are because of these benefits

  • Rustproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Waterproof
  • Termite proof
  • Low-maintenance
  • Low-cost option
  • Insects and termite resilient

Fiber door price:

The average price of fiberglass door in Pakistan is about Rs. 8000 to Rs. 24000. Rates depends upon the final finish that you want to have.

These doors can easily painted and polish and in Pakistan market its available with and without polish options. However fitting and delivery cost also some factor of fiber door rates at your market.

In Pakistan some cities are over populated as per fiber door manufactures are being concern. Lahore, Faisalabad, Gujranwala and Gujrat. Rates for fiber doors in those cities are quite reasonable but other then those cities fiber doors fluctuate due to less manufacturers accurse.

Wpc Door | Elegent long lasting doors:

Latest Technologies: WPC door are crafted with the wood, plastic timber and liquid. It is new technology fabric made of high grade PVC and wood flour. Attributes tend into to wood and plastic.

Water Proof doors: These door doesn’t absorb any moisture, great resilient power for salt water detergents or any disinfection.

Temperature Resilient: This door didn’t crack with low or high temperature difference. Have great attributes to resist even -20 C to 70 C temperature.

Fire retardant: as compare to wooden door WPC material is non-flammable. It is not an independent source of flame or spark.