Fiberglass wood doors in Pakistan:

Fiber door considered as readymade door in Pakistan but that is not actually tend into readymade interior door. These doors have a complete cycle of craftsmanship. When we need to install a door for bedroom, our entrance has door frame installed or need to be install a door frame. For getting crafted a door, manufacturer need a fixed measurement that comes from inside of door frame.

Since we are in doors business most of the door frame has separate door measurement from inside of frame. Suppose you buy a door that is readymade it could never fit inside the door frame with hinges. In that case your door fixer | carpenter would give you different type of excuses, probably they would cut or slash sides corners of door  to fix the doors into the door frame. There is high probability that your door dimensions could be sacrificed or even the its strength.

In case of Lahore the provincial capital of Punjab, Pakistan communities base upon different traditionally and behaviors when you get a door  for a posh aria of just like Mughalpura, Dharampura, Samanabad, etc tha native Lahories installed 3′.5″ by width x 7′ by height feet door frames for room entrances. On the other hand people from developed schema and residential complexes follow the instructions of engineers and set the door frames for height of 8′ and width 3′.5″ feet.

Being a big developed city and having unlimited resources Lahore is business hub for all sort of legitimate businesses. Markets got clients from all class and dynasties. When you discuss fiber door rates in lahore in your public cycle your friend or relative who have once installed fiber door would give you different types of advice but, let us give your information about most popular door markets in Lahore.

Fiber Door price in Brandreth road Lahore

One of oldest market to shop interior items in Lahore. This market offer you different type of environment to buy a door. Some small shops offer you fiber doors starting from 400/sq,ft and there end price didn’t have limit, they considers client as opportunity and offer the door that they have in stock either it is low quality or good quality. Being doors suppliers they considered their item is the best they didn’t endorse a good quality door from their neighbor shop. Most of the shops are wholesale dealers and  didn’t offer much discount to end users so if someone conceding this market to buy minimum quantity then transport cost would be height enough that you would not get much benefits for discounts on door.

Fiber Door price in College road:

The second most popular market for fiber door in Lahore. college road surrounded by  township, Johar town, green town, Wapda town, Bahrya Town. Lakecity, Fazaya housing society, Lahore city etc. This market have sophisticated clients wo have no budget issues and focused on quality door supplier. The starting price for fiber door is 480/sq,ft and have never ending story for price. A good quality door comes under the price tag of 650/sq,ft and with polish it comes with 850 to 950/sq.ft.

Fiber Door price in Riwind road:

Riwind road is connecting most of the newly developed housing project. Lakecity, Bahrya town, Fizaya housing scheme, Dha Rahbar and under developed housings interconnected with riwind road, Fiber door providers at Riwind road lahore offering 490 to 550 per square feet. Just like college road potential door clients always conceding from these arias the verity of designs under the controlled price tag.

Fiber Doors price in G.t Road | Harbanspura:

The surrounding areas of popular G.t Road have much divorced people of all class. Residential areas housing schemes and colonies have different types of budgets class. Most of the door manufacturers in this region offering the running price for fiber doors under 400/sq,ft to 850/sq.ft.


Fiber door manufacturing cost depends upon the raw material, fiber labor and material transportation. One of the major factor that effects fiber door cost is design molds and fiber panel layers.

Lahore city is big bull, countless manufactures and raw material suppliers control the real price of fiber doors. On an average fiber doors cost Rs. 9000 to Rs. 21000 for bedroom size. Its upon client who make decision either they are selecting regular designs of complex carved design.

Polish and without polish options is another factors that effects fiber door price. Hope this information makes you feed confident to buy fiber door door smartly.