Wood Polymer Composite | WPC Doors:

Are you looking for door solution in Pakistan that is Modern as well as durable for life? Here we present WPC doors in Pakistan that have extraordinary reliable and economical. These doors are basically made of composite material that is blend of uPVC + wood + polymer.

Factory made item that is highly sophisticated and finished with all aspect. With wooden texture on the surface no one would deny the beauty of WPC door after polish works. Plenty of CNC designs patterns are available for choosing the best entrance as per taste.

WPC Door has following attributes which depreciate this door product stand out from rest of door options available in market.

  • 100% Water proof
  • 100% Termite proof
  • 100% Weather resilient
  • Wooden finishing
  • Smooth Door edges
  • Tough as wooden Door
  • Long life
  • Beautiful wooden texture

We as manufacturer Deals in all types of doors including Fiber Doors | PVC Doors | Wooden Doors | Ply Doors | Panel skin Doors | Flash Doors and engineered doors.

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WPC Doors

Since we are in field of door manufacturing we have examined huge client behavior while selecting doors. People are always conscious about the finishing of door and most importantly the biggest requirement is door shell be cheap in Price and shell have wooden finish and toughness.

We found WPC doors meet the all requirements of client. This doors is equally reliable if interior and exterior use. If you install this door as you main double leaf entrance it would enhance the beauty of your home main entrance.

It is equally strong and tough that no one shell be worry about the strength of door. Sandwich Panel structure of door gives him enough strength to last long and remain un-damaged for rest of your life.

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Let us discuss the attributes of WPC doors in Brief:

100% Water Proof:

Normally clients are always considering an entrance that can’t be affected by water. Ladies of our residence are always conscious about the cleanliness and they wash and clean home 4 or 5 time in a week. If you install a door that can be affected by water then it would be damaged from bottom and becomes ugly after a while. Wood Polymer Composite – WPC doors can be install at any place even you can place in you swimming pool, if you have double décor pool, sounds funny Na! So jokes a part you would never regret after installing this door at your entrance.

100% Termite proof:

Well termite proofing always a extra burden on costumer’s pocket. People who have installed wooden doors most of the time worry about termite and that is because low quality wood used in door manufacturing. Most of the time environment is the biggest cause of termite in home. With WPC door this trouble would be no more, as we discussed it is being made with polymer and composite material pests and termite can’t affect this door. Whola! you entrance are secure from termite that is why we call this door as solution for your home.

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100% Weather resilient:

It doesn’t matter that you are installing WPC door in a hot weather circumstances or fully chilled northern areas, it didn’t shrieked or cracked. Being a solution it is highly weather resilient and didn’t change his shape due to hard weather. So, there is no point left that you didn’t consider this door for your entrance. Hay are you worry about price don’t be it is 2 time cheaper then wooden door.

wpc doors cross section

Wooden finishing:

Since we are in this field, interior designers and contractors who are constructing commercial and residential buildings always find wood finished doors with low budget and that shall be long lasting as well. The surface of WPC door has complete wooden grains and patterns. Right after polish no one can guess that it is not a wooden door. It match your home interior you may contrast polish works as your home interior. So, why are you still waiting call us and get served with best door solution in Pakistan by Pak Doors.

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Smooth Door edges:

Normally door buyers not only check the surface of door but the edges as well. Smooth and sound door edges always a key attributes that door buyers consider. With WPC door you will find smooth cutting edges and not a single dot on it.

Tough as wooden Door:

Now let us talk the strength of door and you will amazed to know that once while we are testing the strength of this door our two of team members are using this door as child seesaw equilibrium.  In Short wood polymer composite door is as tough as would with more or less weight of wooden door.

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Long life Exterior/Interior Door:

As we have discuss the different aspects of WPC door there is no dough that with all attributes described above it would be long lasting. Most of the time other then wpc doors are being affected by weather conditions but, with wpc doors even and extreme cold, hot or dry weather can’t affect the natural beauty of door.

Beautiful wooden texture:

Nature has gifted us wood and different types of woods appear with different wood grains. Men have skills and strengths to articulate different wood grain textured with different ways. This WPC door gives complete look and feel of natural wood grains and major benefit is we don’t need to hurt nature by cutting tree. You would get beautiful wooden texture on your door in fewer prices as replica of wooden door, equal wooden door as per strength cancers.

WPC Door Designs:

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We have discussed this composite door type in brief, shortly called as WPC doors and full form is Wood polymer composite. It is factory made door with attributes that is even wooden door didn’t offering. Price is three time less than normal wooden door.  Finishing, life and appearance would not regret you. In short WPC door is not only an ordinary entrance gateway for your home but it would be proof a complete bled of solution for you entrances.