Benefits of PVC door for Washroom:

What are the advantages of upvc door? A big question answered in this article for those who are never familiar with newly adopted uPvc panel doors. Pvc is a composite plastic material processed for anti-termite and waterproof attributes. Normally our washroom, bathrooms and kitchens are the place where we play allot with water. Any other door including wooden and steel doors within the passage of time got rusty and mildew. In the case of pvc plastic door there would be no effect of water and termite on the beauty of door ever after years.

PVC plastic door is globally accepted superior alternative to natural wood. Realistic wood gran effects and different color selection options made this door a superior replacement of wooden and iron doors for home.

Let us brief you countless benefits of plastic door installation for your home washroom.

  1. PVC doors are stain resistance
  2. No need of painting work
  3. Niche aesthetics
  4. Highly durable
  5. Anti-termite
  6. Mildew proof
  7. No swelling
  8. No rooting
  9. pvc-door-priceExcellent Finish
  10. No cracking
  11. No wrapping
  12. Impact Resistance
  13. No Splinters affects
  14. 100% Water proof
  15. Weather resistant
  16. Anti Slip
  17. Eco friendly
  18. Easy to clean
  19. Quick and easy installation
  20. High Strength
  21. Moister Resistance
  22. Excellent Strength
  23. Durable and long life
  24. Feel and looks alike Natural Wood
  25. Stylish and Modern touch
  26. Bare foot friendly with no slip
  27. Good Heat and Sound insulator
  28. Staining and oiling also never required
  29. Sunlight and Rain effect resistance
  30. Hidden fasteners clips to keep the look neat

Pvc doors specifically designed for outdoor exterior use but can also be used in interior designs for residential and commercial constructions. Plastic engineered doors molded with carpentry tools like cutter, drills and hammers. Hidden fastened clips griped like a slid wooden door highly mechanical load resistance.

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