Top 5 Fiber Doors Designs:

Pak Door is leading Manufacturer and wholesale dealer of fiber doors with fitting and without fitting from Lahore, Pakistan.

As a leading door supplier in Lahore, our workshop manufacturing and delivering best quality range of fiber doors nationwide Pakistan. The available fiber door designs fabricated with the best quality fiber that make sure the finishing, strength and weight. Our expert technicians work hard to deliver attribute of best fiber doors in Pakistan under consideration quality finishing, waterproofing and color combination.

Contact our representative to discuses best in door products. If you have an order for custom size we are available made to measure.

Being a professional entity Pak Door as door manufacturer holds skills to craft and deliver best quality doors of fiber glass. these Doors are fabricated under best management of skilled professionals using best double ply fiber that turned doors a bled of strength and style.  So, as to guarantee unparalleled quality, it is additionally stringently quality tried on a few parameters by our quality monitors. Our offered doors is comprehensively figured because of attributes like fine completion, impervious to scraped spot and more.

PakDoors is leading fiber door manufacturer in Pakistan. Globally accepted superior and economical alternative to natural wooden door. Highly weather and termite resilient door under low prices.

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Fiber Oval Design Doors:

Perfectly crafted double layer fiber door with oval panel design available at Pak Door, No 1 Fiber door provider in Pakistan. Once you got install these door means you have a door with life time guarantee. Don’t you worry about weather effect, termite attach or Water effects. Fiber door is completely resilient against all these odds.


Fiber Arch Design Door:

People always looking for trends and this doors are for those who are always concern about it. Offices and homes with this eye catchy fiber arch design door looks more elegant. Upper arch and wooden grove blend looks amazing for your entrance.


Four Panel Fiber Door Design:

Four panel curvy grove design another symbol of style and elegance, you can say it the most eye catching fiber door design in Pakistan. Pak Doors took proud to deliver this door crafted with state of the art composite material with amazing attributes of water and weather effect resistant door.


Round Arch Fiber Door Design:

Two square panel with arch and rounded centeral arch an eye catching bled of beauty. Perfect option for your bedroom entrance. Double ply layer fiber turned it more durable.


Clifton Design Fiber Door:

Clifton design fiber door, most loved door design in Pakistan. Perfect bled of design and style. 5 Panel with D-shape panel convert this door perfect option for single bedroom door, washroom doors and Double Pair of Main entrance door. Almost every single home in Pakistan get installed this door design and we are pretty sure that you are gonna install it into your home entrance.





Six Panel Fiber Door Design:

Double ply 6-Ply Fiber Door available at Pak Door. Its complete blend of style and durability. After installing this beautiful door at your door step never need to to worry about following odds termite effect, weather effects, paint cost, water effects
fiber door material


Wooden Groves Fiber Door Design

Plane Panel with wooden groves over it, a perfect option for turning your bedroom entrance beautiful place to one enter with. Wooden groves over its surface



Six Panel Fiber Door:

No need to explain this designs of fiber door, you already got the points we shell get to know it for your. One of the most popular deigns recognized globally. Look and feel the accuracy and blend of design we are providing our to you. Get it install at your door step and your relatives gonna get inspired from your selection of door as bedroom or front door entrance.



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