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When we talk about the interior of house or office the mandatory item comes first in the list is the door. Market is full of choices while someone wish to take a round. Panel, fiber and wooden are the main choices for all. Another
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What is uPVC Plastic Door?

uPVC stands for unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride. another term referred it as Unmodified Poly Vinyl Chloride. Basically it is composite plastic material that is solid enough for molding door and windows. Known as 100% water proof and perfect for bathroom and kitchen doors.

Pvc doors are beneficial due to highly praised benefits of vinyl, these doors are proved a best solution for affordable and water proof doors for washroom.

A great alternative of fiber glass door due to its affordability and quite similar attributes.

Vinyl as a material has unrivaled toughness and uPVC doors oppose harm by termites. They are against destructive and substance and moisture resistance.

The high strength of vinyl gives the door brilliant climate obstruction and they can withstand a scope of temperature conditions.


PVC Door Perfect for Bathrooms:

Bathrooms is a place where water always fight with doors and walls. It’ s a place where we play with water and our doors and walls are used to it. Any type of door that you install for your washroom can’t compete pvc plastic door due to it’s great attributes as following:

  • Water proof
  • Termite resistance
  • Best in designs
  • Highly durable
  • Optimum finish
  • No need of Polish works
  • Available in Wooden Color
  • Highly Durable


PVC door price in Pakistan:

Pak Doors as wholesale wooden door dealer in Lahore Pakistan providing best quality pvc plastic doors. These uPVC doors are 100% Water proof and assembled with top notch quality of upvc composite materiel.

We are team of experienced professions who are assembling and manufacturing PVC doors and providing an extensive array of pvc plastic doors in Pakistan.

We are working hard to meet the customized requirements and demand of customers. Pak Doors offered pvc plastic doors for washrooms, balcony and kitchens are acclaimed in the market for their modern structure and toughness.

Moreover, we check these plastic doors on various parameters for providing durability and reliability. Offered pvc doors are fabricated from the first class material and present days modern strategies to meet the standards of market.

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Pvc Door Designs:

Well, in Pakistan there are tow companies who are offering pvc door materiel for doors. One is imperial and second one is centro. They are providing different sized pvc doors panels and we mold those panel into different sized doors.

Four colors over there are available in pvc doors the brown, dark wood, gray and white. Both of the companies are offering pvc panel in these colors and sizes. It’s over to client to choose a brand where they trust.

Imperial pvc doors are supposed to be your first choice due to its strong hold in Pakistani wooden market. Scroll down and select the color and brand below we do provide pvc door in low price.


Download Pvc Door Designs


Ace Brown Pvc Door:

If you are the one who love the color dark wood this is for you. Not only individual mostly people loves dark wooden color. The plus point while selection on this color you never need any additional services for door paint. Just install this door at your home and inspire your beloved especially your relatives.



Ace Wood Pvc Door:

My personal pvc door color, the best part of this color is its attractive ace finishing that most of the time your polish guy can’t even deliver this type of fining. As wood pvc door one of the most running color in the the door market.


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Ace Gray Pvc Door:

Now it’s turn for the catchy gray color. You will love the mate finish this door have. Just slightly grayish color most of the time a favorite color for those who want to install pvc door for washroom, bed room or in balcony.



Ace White Pvc Door:

The royal White color pvc door one of the most eye catching texture for home interior or exterior entrance, bed room or wash room door. Well, if you don’t like this PVC don’t worry here we have multiple choices for your interior or exterior doors. Select Panel doors, fiber Doors or wooden.



Sea-Green Pvc Door:

Another addition in the family of pvc plastic door, the Sea-green Imperial pvc door. Now your interior would shine like a star with amazing color that definitely would fascinate your home visitors who gonna appreciate your selection. This imperial door popular in market due to durability and toughness. Being a door manufacturer in Pakistan we are committed to deliver quality that customers are looking for.




Well, market is full of choices but if you consider a door that is best fit to your washroom, balcony or kitchen where water involved allot then pvc plastic door is perfect choice. Termite resilience, water resilience, fungus resilience and anti-slip attributes are some of popular votes for this type of door. Moreover, washroom interior also contrast this door. One of most economical door type available in market. So, in the end conclusion is that if you consider this door for your home is a that would be a decision you would never regret.


Client Review about Pak Door PVC door installation Service in Pakistan:

PVC Plastic Doors in Pakistan
I just get installed PVC door by Pak Doors, found them a reliable source for door insulation services. They installed PVC plastic door for my washroom. After exploring PVC plastic door price in Pakistan, i got connected with Pak Door. I’m very satisfied with the level of services they provided me. Defiantly consider them for future.
Saleem Ali
PVC door

9.5 / 10